Music Lady from the UK & Swing Lettering

Another day, some more drawings! 🙂

The ‘Swing’ lettering was just more practicing with the Sharpie brush markers. Really diggin’ those!

From the book, Lettering for Commercial Purposes (Signs of the Times Publishing, 1918):

“What is familiarly known as ‘the swing’ is absolutely necessary to do graceful lettering. But the swing of the arm and fingers in manipulating a pencil, brush, or pen must also include ‘control’ both on slow and rapid movements.

Having acquired the combination of swing and control by practice on certain exercises based on the elements of letters, consisting of circles, ovals, verticals and horizontal lines, strokes and angles, then actual formation of letters becomes a semi-automatic proposition directed by the brain through sight.

Primarily the sight is directed by the brain. Simply seeing an object denotes sight, but to see it as it really is requires study, either much or little, depending on the individual qualifications along certain lines”

This caricature was from my friend Si. The lady depicted below is a musician in the United Kingdom.