Another Caricature of Me!

This one was done by Missy at (they also do magic, balloon animals, and other fun stuff). Thanks Missy! If you think I look a bit funny it’s because I DID look a bit funny that night with my new cowboy hat on! The caricaturist at large.

My Caricature by Zach Trenholm

At a conference recently and Zach drew my caricature with his FINGER on an iPad Pro!!! Great job Zach and thanks!! Zach’s website is:

Teacher Caricature

My cousin commissioned me to create this pencil drawing of a retiring teacher. She doesn’t look old enough to retire (in my opinion), but after 30 years I guess it’s time to hang it up! Enjoy your retirement Mrs. Blust!

Friday Night Caricature Fun!

Not only did I get the chance to draw some fun caricatures Friday night, I had the opportunity for some budding artists to draw ME! Check it out!

Thank you Google Photos! Caricature Animation

I just downloaded and installed an app on my PC called Google Photos. It searched my hard drive and found the over 16,000 photos I had and then uploaded them to the cloud. So cool! Not only that, it also creates these “creations” that can either be an animation, which is a series of photos […]