Farm Fresh Eggs!

In exchange for farm fresh eggs, I made this sign out of an old board my dad had lying around his shop. I designed the logo in Photoshop and then hand painted it on the sign.

Church Nursery Artwork

The caretakers at church asked me to do this project. This was a surprise from the husband to the wife. She had recently redecorated the nursery and he wanted to surprise her with some artwork. We decided to paint these on 1/4″ underlayment board and attach them to the wall rather than paint them directly […]

Faux Wood Grain on 2 Doors

This job was interesting (and fun)! Client asked me to make both her entry and garage doors look like wood. Actually I did the garage door one week and then she had me back to do the entry door a couple of weeks later. Fun job and great client to work with!

Gold Medal Flour Mural

I had the opportunity to do a mural that I really admired when I first saw it. The back story on this mural is that there was a building adjacent to this building that caught fire and had to be demolished. They discovered this mural on the building and it was found out to have […]

New Mural Design for Advertisement

Recently have been working with a sign painter who will be referring me for murals! I designed this logo to paint on his wall to advertise my services. I’ll post another pic of the painting in progress, but here’s the design: I can’t wait to do this one!

Mural Work – Scripture and Ampersand

Recently commissioned to do this work – I can’t disclose the client. I’d say this was more of a trade than a paid job. However, I think it turned out quite well. Sketching the layout…  In progress…  Detail of some of the letters.  Love the “L”! The ampersand

Rooster Painting from Dad

If this keeps up I’m going to have to dedicate a whole separate page for “Dad’s Paintings.” Regardless, here’s another fine example of my father’s painting skills. Love the contrast of warm and cool colors here. He painted this in February of 2016.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of…. Fairy Gardens??

This weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to paint some clouds on a trade show display for a wholesaler of fairy gardens. If you are interested in fairy gardens, at least from a wholesale perspective, check out their website. I’m so dense, I didn’t even know that was a thing. Anyway, the client was extremely pleased […]