Thursday, June 18, 2015

Faux Brick Painting - Not Caricature, But Fun Anyway!

I was asked to camouflage a set of doors by painting faux brick on them at a local Memory Care unit. The residents were attempting to use these doors when they weren't supposed to and the administrators were afraid someone would hurt themselves.

Before painting the doors looked like this.

Taping the doors off...

Started the painting of the "mortar"... I mixed my paint as I went along.

Here's the undercoat, or the "mortar."

As you can tell I left some inconsistencies in the grey paint....


Marking the lines for the bricks...

Starting to paint the bricks...

Finally the undercoat was brick at a time.

Adding the highlights...

And then the shadows...

Blends in pretty well from a distance!

Doesn't look too bad up close either!

The finished product! Can you see the door handles?

Jonathan Watkins

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