Monday, July 15, 2013

Caricature for a Cause

This caricature of Curtis (C-Dub) was done for both T-shirts and a framed version for him and his mother. Curtis, as you can probably guess, is a tree trimmer. Recently, while working on an evergreen, he got tangled in power lines and suffered fourth degree burns and at this time is in a drug-induced coma. His good friend Bryan contacted me to draw a caricature of Curt that they could put on T-shirts to be sold for a fundraiser to help defray the medical expenses, and another color drawing suitable for framing. Best wishes to Curtis for a speedy recovery! To help the family and the cause, I donated the following drawing to Bryan.

Here is the pencil drawing...

This is the line art that Bryan will use for the T-shirts....

 Lastly, this is the color version to be framed as a gift.

Jonathan Watkins

Author & Editor

Jon Watkins has been drawing, painting, and generally making a mess since the early 70's.

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