Monday, February 11, 2013

Retirement Caricature (UPDATED)

I'm so lucky to have caricature gigs like this one! Here you can see the progression from rough draft to final product. The customer asked me to draw Steve in his Packard driving away from his workplace. This was draft #1.

After some input from the customer, I made some more changes. We made it a hardtop instead of a convertible and dressed Steve up a bit more as well as added the hood ornament to the Packard. He also now is waving good bye.

Lastly, after even more input from the customer, I added the building details, and tightened up the overall drawing. I also got picky about the car and also changed Steve's chin a bit. By the way, this was a complete overhaul from the first draft because I had placed the other one too high on the paper and it wouldn't have looked right in the frame. This caricature is 16" x 22" (40.64cm x 55.88cm). I will update this post as soon as I add the color to this caricature.

UPDATE: The client approved the color draft and I've included pics of both the draft and the final.

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