Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bad habits are hard to break!

Ok, it's confession time... I have this bad habit. It's very costly to me. Sigh... Sometimes when I start to draw a caricature I end up making a portrait out of the it! So frustrating! Grrrr.. I get a bit carried away sometimes because of my love of portraits. Anyway, here's one example.

Not enough exaggeration to be a caricature. Too portraity to be considered caricature. Here's another example.

This is one a lil better since I have simplified the lines, but had I had more time on my hands... LOOK OUT! Portrait city! So, I guess this begs the question... should I do more portraits? I thought about having a Fiverr gig where I just do a portrait sketch - i.e. stop after the likeness is established... IDK, we'll see.

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