Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I love to draw caricatures!

I started drawing caricatures in 1989, the year I turned 16. I was doodling around in my sketchbooks, one of my favorite pastimes, when lo and behold, I sketched a cartoonish woman that looked like Bette Midler! I was surprised that I was able to sketch a likeness in a cartoony way! But, being the opportunistic young man that I was, I realized that I could make some money from this and straightaway I plopped down $100 at the fair board for a 10' x 10' space at the upcoming county fair.

I made a whopping $400 that week. 

Mind you, I was terrible. I would love to post some of those old drawings from nearly 25 years ago and if I can find a couple of those sketchbooks, I will.

Basically, though, that's how it all started. I have loved drawing caricatures and I'm thankful for the extra money I've made from it - and how it has increased my ability! If there is anything I love to draw, it's people!

Jonathan Watkins

Author & Editor

Jon Watkins has been drawing, painting, and generally making a mess since the early 70's.

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